Love Through the Ages A Level English Literature

Beloved by Toni Morrison

This text is specifically (although it can be studied in conjunction with other syllabi and modules) studied for AQA A Level English Literature:  A2.  Love Through the Ages.


Beloved fits in with the theme of love in many, many ways:

  • Maternal love is at the centre of this text
  • Love between the slaves themselves and how this was denied by their white owners is another aspect of love
  • Self Love is fundamental to Sethe’s re-memory, as she journey’s to a place where she can love and forgive herself once more following her infanticide

The above are only three obvious links with love, there are, as always with English Literature, many others waiting to be discovered


The blog for this text is designed to work in a number of ways:


  • it contains a variety of pre-reading, during reading and after reading activities for teachers to give to students
  • it contains a comments page for people to share their views on the text and the theme of love within the text
  • as a blog it has also inspired my own English teaching into the world of Web 2.0, in that I would encourage students to create a blog for Beloved and for them to complete the reading activities in that blog, by using a blog students will also have the opportunity to receive comments and opinions from the world of web 2.0 which could inform and challenge their own reading of  the novel

Jo Loveridge

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